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It's time you stop trying to figure things out by yourself and learn from the expert! I started this boutique and learned everything on my own from trial and error; however, you don't have to do that. I'm here to help you save money, time, and to be the mentor you have been missing!

After making this investment, you will have the answers to all of the questions that keep you up at night. Imagine not having to spend hours looking for specific resources and strategies because the expert can lead you in the right direction. I'm here for you to discuss everything except vendors! (But I can lead you to the resources to find them)

I know there are lots of resources out there, and it can be overwhelming trying to put everything together. However, sis, to get to the next level, you may need an accountability partner, help setting up your POS, help to get the proper permits, vendors, or just a push in the right direction! I'm the girl to get you there so, what are you waiting for? Let's start your boutique!

From learning more to earning more:

This program will assist you with all the necessary steps to create, launch and build a profitable e-boutique. No two classes are the same and will cater to your business goals. If you have been looking to start your own boutique this is the program for you!

2 Month Accountability Partner to help you stay on track.

Marketing template for converting likes to sales via social media.

Vendor resource assistance to help you find the best quality vendors.

Lifetime access to our online community .

Exclusive access to boutique web designer to get your store online.

How to go from $0 sales to $2500 weekly average

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Learn It Then Earn It

Let me help you take control of your future by joining E-Boutique mentor program. The goal is to make money while we are sleep.

High Quality Material

With this program, I will provide you with the resources to find the best vendors to get high-quality threads for your e-boutique.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You will learn the tricks of the trade, the secrets of marketing and the power of a great vendor list, We guarantee your satisfaction if you follow the steps and do the work.

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